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Dreams Free Essays

string(46) enormous brute with an intensely scarred face. Dreams and the points of view they have on people in the public eye has prompted banter, and even contention, over that previous scarcely any hundreds of years. It’s the examination and translation of dreams and how it identifies with singular experience that is a focal component encompassing this subject. The effect of a fantasy on a person alongside the impact of dream translation can be seen as directly affecting the sorts of dreams individuals have. We will compose a custom exposition test on Dreams or then again any comparable theme just for you Request Now I will address the subject of dream peculiarities and what effect dreams have on people as I refer to abstract researchers to avow my position. There have been numerous incredible scholars with contrasting suppositions because of dreams and whether there is an immediate relationship between's the fantasy procedure and the human’s singular idea handling and every day educational encounters. In the first place, I considered the perspectives on an incredible logician named William James as an establishment behind the investigation of dreams and its consequences for people. William James has distributed various compositions supported by volumes of other philosophical material, examination, and documentation. William James is viewed as one of the most compelling individuals who contemplated the functions of the human brain, interrelationships among thought, and the cognizance of a person. James was a naturalist, doctor, teacher, author, and clinician. His examinations assumed a job in other philosophical investigations of dream understanding. One of his distributed pieces, The Principles of Psychology, had progressive effect on society. It was a forward leap for the studies of thought. A portion of his notable material was distributed in the last piece of the nineteenth century, which will be talked about in detail. The Principles of Psychology was an enormous endeavor by James. My center will take a gander at The Stream of Thought and The Consciousness of Self portions of this work where I will state why I was persuaded by his contentions encompassing cognizance and thought-handling. The explanation behind joining William James’s understandings on surges of thought and cognizance of self is on the grounds that there is an immediate relationship between's idea preparing and the fantasy period of a person. He starts The Stream of Thought by entering into the substance of human idea. His provocative decisions encompassing what makes us believe is done in solid terms. He expresses that past mental writings endeavoring to analyze human idea are profoundly imperfect. Awareness, from our natal day, is of an overflowing assortment of articles and relations . He relates the manners of thinking and prior deceptions encompassing its examination with these analogies: We can't, as indicated by James, just state, â€Å"it thinks† with a similar decisive rationale as â€Å"it rains† or â€Å"it blows. † What we can say, anyway is that â€Å"thought goes on. † He proceeds to talk about why each ‘thought’ or ‘state’ is a piece of our own cognizance. This sets the platform for why and how William James arrived at such resolutions in regards to cognizance. Preceding this, speculations on awareness needed adequate proof; for past researchers endeavored to state hypotheses without the engaging reality that James had the option to communicate in this section. To add further validity to his assumption, he expresses that each thinking is a piece of our own cognizance and can be adjusted from individual to person. Thought, he proceeds to state, is in steady change. He gives models en route to make thinking and confirmation that his strategy is valid. His portrayal of Mr. Shadworth Hodgeson (p. 149) makes extremely clear proof that singular awareness can change and adjust what it thinks and why, nearly spontaneously. From thought-preparing, we segue into the fantasy understanding and how they are legitimately identified with each other in framing, once in a while shaking encounters. To begin with, we should take a gander at the trademark contrasts among clear and non-clear dreams. A clear dream, just expressed, is the territory of REM rest when an individual is practically wakeful. The fantasy keeps on advancing however the visionary is awareâ€if just for a couple secondsâ€that they are dreaming. Non-clear dreaming, then again, happens when an individual doesn't know about being in a fantasy state. The non-clear dream is the most widely recognized type of dream. It is hard to find out when and where the division between clear dreaming and non-clear dreaming happens. At the end of the day, when the fantasy cognizance closes and where an individual is deliberately mindful of the fantasy can't be characterized. It’s absolutely abstract, or put in a safe spot for singular understanding. Be that as it may, the genuine experience of the fantasy can best be deciphered with the accompanying model. The fantasy model connections the waking-self and the visionary. With this association, the model likewise takes a gander at what mental levels change mindfulness in the demonstration of dreaming. Exploration, as per Laberge, has demonstrated that over 80% of clear dreams are changes of a non-clear dream. At the point when we take a gander at numerous clear visionaries, the demonstration of intelligibility or blending from the fantasy is, ordinarily, prone to happen during a bad dream or a fantasy that imparts tension. The thought of tension can be seen uniquely in contrast to one individual to the following. What one individual perspectives as awkward won't hold a similar gravity on another person’s understanding. It’s each of the a matter of individual experience. To state it essentially, what achieves dread in one individual may not ingrain that equivalent dread in someone else. This, thus, can lead us back to singular experience. The experience and thought handling is the system for deciding clear dreams and non-clear dreams, which can be referenced back to our conversation on the thinker William James. It’s significant that I incorporate a couple of dream guides to communicate the nervousness that can be imparted upon the visionary. One dream condition happened in a study hall. It was an uproar, as per the visionary. Once more, the thought of what establishments an uproar can differ from individual to individual. It’s likewise essential to detail the fantasy, so as to offer legitimacy to the person’s nervousness. This crazy dream had a huge savage with a vigorously scarred face. You read Dreams in class Papers He was the Goliath in the fantasy and secured up the visionary its steely grasp. The visionary couldn't free himself. It was now that the visionary acknowledged he was in the midst of a fantasy; for he reviewed different circumstances throughout his life. He surrendered the battle and rather offered sentiments of affection and relief to this brutal savage. However, the monster was too revolting to even consider loving. He attempted to look past the physical appearance and scarred highlights and soon lovely expressions of adoring acknowledgment streamed openly and the animal liquefied into him. The uproar before long vanished and the visionary woke feeling soothed and quiet. There are numerous other human emotionsâ€embarrassment or joy for instanceâ€that can found an individual into attentiveness. The quantity of strategies utilized by people differs. What’s imperative to reinforceâ€although it might appear obviousâ€is the way that people gain proficiency with these strategies in a cognizant, attentive state. Once more, I return to consolidating a portion of the scholar William James’s speculations to strengthen my translation. James gives us clear genuine situations to help characterize his hypothesis on human cognizant idea. For thought, assume three individuals promptly state to you: â€Å"Wait! † â€Å"Look! † â€Å"Over here! † Our cognizance is torn to choose which of the three will pick up our consideration first. He doesn’t deny our cognizance having the option to shuffle considerations of the â€Å"wait† â€Å"look† and â€Å"over here. William James fortifies his hypothesis by expressing that there is an alternate ‘feel’ inside our cognizant idea when we experience something just because, as opposed to perceiving something natural. It could be a tune, a scent, or a natural photo that reverberated recollections. Once more, James utilizes explicit models. The new experiencesâ€or new experienceâ€can shake our feelings, which can reinforce review. Additionally, objects in our field of vision have what James called a â€Å"fringe. † If we attempt to review an overlooked name, there will be a hole in our awareness as we search the openings of our psyche for this name. On the off chance that somebody attempts to assist us with recollecting and gives us inaccurate names, our cognizance will remain ‘at the fringe’ until we hear the name or something mixes us genuinely to review the name. As a result, it is the suggestion, or the edge of the word or believed that creates vitality inside the human psyche. It offers approach to thoughts which make the verbal kernelâ€as James puts itâ€that keeps the continuous flow progressing, continually streaming, and continually evolving. James offers clear, steady proof to warrant validity encompassing the elusive ideas of the surge of thought. In the accompanying part, James segues into The Consciousness of Self, and carries the conscience and its relationship to awareness to the table. James gathers speed by expressing humankinds’ natural want for acknowledgment from friends and family, and society when all is said in done, has an impact in how human cognizance creates. To bring this point home, James includes sway with this: a man has the same number of social selves as there are people who remember him and convey as picture of him in their psyche. James additionally references a man’s respect in the public eye by expressing it has a sole reason: to best serve our social-selves. This basic show of manners, at that point, is attached to what James alludes to as the sel

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Harley-Davidson Inc Essay Example for Free

Harley-Davidson Inc Essay This contextual investigation dissects the separation technique received by Harley-Davidson Inc. to separate itself from the opposition. Further, it will address the issues and difficulties looked by Harley-Davidson Inc. because of changing socioeconomics and money related strife. Furthermore, to wrap things up the contextual analysis will give a thought of what methodologies Harley-Davidson Inc. could apply later on with the goal that it could continue and upgrade its serious position. There are two conventional business level techniques to return a higher pace of benefit over an adversary as indicated by M. Doorman. Initial, a firm can concentrate on cost authority, which creates monetary incentive by having lower costs than contenders. Second, a firm can concentrate on item separation and creates monetary incentive by offering an item that clients incline toward over the results of contenders. As it were the firm gives something one of a kind that is significant to purchasers past contribution the item at a low cost. Harley-Davidson Inc. doesn't concentrate on cost initiative, however on item separation. Its unmistakable components of separation are in addition to other things its exemplary style that had described Harleys since its initial years, the capacity to customize the bike as indicated by ones taste, the super-heavyweight cruiser bicycles it sells and the wide value extend. In addition, H.D. offers a wide pre-and after-deals administration that obliges vendors to convey a full line of Harley new parts and embellishments and to perform administration on Harley bicycles, it offers test ride offices, rider guidance classes, bike rental, help for proprietors in redoing their bicycles through seller based plan places and chrome specialists, protection administrations and selective businesses. Its impalpable components of separation are its remarkable picture, status, eliteness and character. Accordingly, H.D incorporates the American way of life, represents singularity, opportunity, sturdiness and experience and can be viewed as a definitive biker status. A few people may even express that it speaks to something near a religion or a family. H.D. made the HOG, a network where Harley Owners meet and cooperate with other Harley proprietors and where Harleys workers partake enthusiastically. That way H.D. could make a solid steadfastness among Harley proprietors by making a Harley experience and a novel relationship with its clients. Harley still spotlights for the most part on the Baby Boomer age, clients that are currently age 35 and 54, male and white collar class and on heavyweight cruiser bikes, which organize the announcement of style over either solace or speed. In outline H.D. applied a separation technique wherein it focused on explicit items at specialty sections (heavyweight cruiser bikes). The brand has a clique status among its unwavering customer base and describes experience, opportunity, convention and force. By separating its item from the results of contenders H.D. had the option to order a premium for its items. Further, H.D. assets and capacities are contrasted with those of one of his rivals taking the case of Honda. H.D. speaks to one of the most established cruiser marks in the US. They are structured, designed, gathered and worked in the U.S.A. Honda plans and assembles its cruisers in Japan. While Honda is known for the best weight to control proportions, underscores speed and force and focuses on a more youthful customer base, H.M. is known for its cruiser bikes which organize the announcement of style over either solace or speed and are essentially purchased by clients between age 35 and 54. Further, H.D. contends with Honda by additionally constructing execution cruisers (Buell Motorcycles) and Honda rivals H.D. by likewise fabricating cruisers focusing on H.D. Because of the littler corporate size and failure to share RD across vehicles and bicycles H.D.s capacity to put resources into innovation and new items is constrained. In this manner, a large portion of Harleys item advancement endeavors in the past were restricted to style changes, new paint plans and building upgrades. In opposite, Honda has been consistently seeking after progression of new advancements and new items. Therefore, it places accentuation on advancement in Fuel and Engine Technology. In light of the propelled idea of their examination, Honda has a solid first-mover advantage over contenders, for example, H.D. It will be hard for H.D., which doesn't effectively seek after his own exploration to find Honda. Additionally, Honda does likewise have a solid brand devotion (64% versus 48% Industry Average) and it offers various lines (vehicles, cruisers, trimmers). Further, Honda cultivates large scale manufacturing, while H.D. offers profoundly modified items, which permit s H.D. to premium evaluating. In addition, Honda effectively keeps on widening the business conveyance base past the North American and Japanese markets to Asia, Russia and Europe. H.D. sells the American way of life and is established in American culture. The European bike advertise centers around execution bicycles (70%) and not on H.D.s claim to fame, the cruisers (just 30%). Those conditions lead to troubles for H.D. with respect to position in the European market. Challenges Honda doesn't have. To broaden its European nearness H.D. purchased the MV Agusta Group, which has two groups of bikes, a line of select, premium, superior game cruisers and a lightweight bike to conform to the interest on the European market. H.D. is along these lines confronting the danger of developing points of interest of decided contenders. Pieces of the pie on the worldwide market keep on developing for different firms. Segment changes speak to a danger to H.D. in view of the maturing client base H.D. has. The proprietors keep on maturing (Baby Boomer age and soon they are too old to even consider riding their bicycles. Another danger is the financial downturn. Clients are remaining ceaselessly because of less purchasing power. H.D. needed to eliminate positions and to close creation offices. Further, EUs bike commotion norms and contamination and outflow principles that are not up to degree of certain nations speak to a danger to H.D. In light of the maturing client base H.D. should market and position their items to the correct market portion. Since the first H.D. clients are destined to be too old to even think about riding their bikes H.D. could apply a multi-generational and multi-social promoting procedure that likewise incorporates youthful grown-ups and ladies. So as to endure H.D. requirements to flexibly various kinds of bicycles with various brand pictures to interest unique and changing sorts of clients. H.D. could then further make a move in expanding their piece of the pie universally by growing their present nearness and arriving at new global markets and making an incentive for its image outside the U.S. Further, H.D. should concentrate on the Harley brand by utilizing interesting H.D. strenghts. It should desert the Buell line of game bicycles and the Agusta line. Also, H.D. ought to build up its innovation to expand mechanization. This will prompt less expensive work and to an increasingly effective customization. What H.D. ought not do is bringing down its customization level since customization likewise speaks to one of H.D.s most noteworthy resources for their image. To gain admittance to significant level innovative capacities H.D. could converge with bunches like Renault/Nissan who bring Japanese assembling abilities or Volkswagen, who has astounding Eastern European experience.

Teaching Vocabulary Using Original Video and Sound Effects to Young Learner Essay Example for Free

Encouraging Vocabulary Using Original Video and Sound Effects to Young Learner Essay Putu Darma Putra (2013) in his course says that â€Å"World is words, how pleasant and impact they are; shows up in a word reference. † Words are extremely incredible for good and malevolence. They can change in the hands of somebody who realizes how to pick and consolidate them. As we probably am aware, English as a worldwide language has a significant job in managing the world. For managing the world we have to convey our idea by utilizing words or vocabularies. We can envision how ground-breaking jargon is. Too known, jargon is the information on words and word implications. It is exceptionally important to show jargon during English exercise. The motivation behind why jargon is instructed at school is on the grounds that understudies need to improve their jargon to use in the reality. Understudies communicate in English in their every day life; they are talking with other individual vocabularies. In the event that understudies have a little load of vocabularies, this would be hindrances when they are conversing with another person or perusing English course reading. Along these lines, it is extremely essential to show jargon seriously. There are numerous methods of instructing and learning jargon. The principles and methodologies of showing jargon things in the study hall ought to be inventive and capable. Research shows that the key methodology to instruct jargon successfully is by utilizing a media that can make understudies are keen on the exercise. Utilizing showing media in instructing and learning procedure can propel and create student’s jargon authority. As indicated by Shahla Yassael (2012), showing language abilities through mechanical activities and conventional fill-in-the-clear, valid/bogus, and numerous decision evaluations doesn't intrigue understudies as much as we anticipate. Nearly of understudies get exhausted when they simply read course book and a greater amount of them simply read the words without realize what its significance is. Poor perusers for the most part read less, on the grounds that perusing is troublesome and baffling for them. It implies that their vocabularies are restricted. Educators need to realize how to help and encourage understudies to find out about jargon information utilizing valuable words or jargon that will assist them with accomplishing or make sense of significance of the words by them selves. This implies the words oftentimes show up in their every day life. Educator additionally should locate the best methodologies that valuable both in the study hall and outside of the study hall. Encouraging procedures can utilize a media as supporting things. Encouraging jargon utilizing media can make a significant setting, which can be conveying and present any key jargon that might be new. The media that can use to instruct jargon is utilizing sonnets and main tune. It is bolstered via Caroline Linse (2006) that tunes and sonnets are a superb method to start or end an exercise. Instructors for the most part use sonnets and melodies in the start of exercise to heat up understudies. It is smarter to pick a proper sonnets or melodies that identified with the substance of the exercise. Toward the finish of exercise, the better method to chilling off the circumstance in the wake of giving exercise is singing melody and rehash it in various section. It tends to do while the understudies are holding up the ringer to ring. Tunes and sonnets are normally use for early kids training, or we call it youthful student. They are effectively to envision things, and don’t have proficiency abilities. Thus, they just can perceive things. Youthful students likewise need solid jargon. It implies the jargon that they learn ought to be unmistakable and explicit. They likewise need to rehash the words and again in new setting. Youthful students are effectively to feel exhausted during exercise, since they love to move as they sing the melody. By utilizing sonnets and melody, they can gain proficiency with the exercise in a pleasant manner. For this situation, instructor can utilize props or activity that can cause them to recall the words and significance. The props and activities are additionally making them know and recollect the setting that appears in each stanza. Educator additionally can change a few words in the sonnet and main tune verse into an image, so youthful student can comprehend the significance of the jargon. Here, the essayist offers sonnets and main tunes as an incredible instrument in the showing jargon, particularly when the instructor needs to acquaint new jargon things with the understudies. Instructors can utilize this technique to assist students with securing jargon things that they see and hear. This paper is centered around the push to tackle the issues about youthful learners’ jargon authority. One of the best approach to improve their jargon dominance successfully, effectively, and imaginatively is by utilizing sonnets and main tunes. By utilizing sonnets and main tunes, understudies can improve their vocabularies dominance while appreciate the exercise utilizing a great method of learning. Utilizing sonnets and main tunes, the instructor can convey the jargon information utilizing a fascinating media to the understudies. It is required to improve their jargon all the more effectively, so they can comprehend the significance of a perusing content without any problem.

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Research, identify and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Essay

Research, recognize and talk about the focal points and burdens of business guidelines - Essay Example Guidelines are acceptable in the manner that they give a specific bearing to organizations to follow. Rules and guidelines really help normalize the business activities as all specialists and organizations will adhere to a specific arrangement of directions which are relevant to them. Then again guidelines are likewise significant as certain organizations don't self-manage themselves and can in this way be engaged with activities which are unsafe to the general public. For instance on the off chance that limitations are not forced on the emanation of manufacturing plants, at that point numerous organizations probably won't care about the negative impact of outflows from industrial facilities advertisement may keep on doing as such so as to spare expenses of safe discharge frameworks. At the point when guidelines are made and actualized, at that point these organizations will undoubtedly tail it in any case they’ll need to hold up under the results in type of punishment such are financial fines or conclusion of business. In this way, guideline is one type of guaranteeing that the business doesn’t hurt the general public. (Porket, 2003) Additionally, guidelines are likewise significant in ensuring the privileges of the representatives as without guidelines, managers may misuse the representatives through awful working conditions or low wages and so forth. Because of this administration will in general make guidelines with respect to least riches, wellbeing and security conditions. Guidelines likewise help in forestalling misuse of shoppers. In the event that there are no guidelines, at that point syndications would misuse purchasers with significant expenses, organizations won’t produce merchandise with quality gauges and probably won't notice the hurtful impacts of utilizing a specific item if legitimate guidelines are not set up. In this way guidelines are valuable the same number of organizations don’t keep an eye on self-control them. (Porket, 2003) Alongside focal points, there are likewise a few disadvantages of guidelines. These incorporate the expenses of conforming to these guidelines. Guidelines which are

Social Impact Of The Internet Essays - Geography Of Asia

Social Impact Of The Internet Essays - Geography Of Asia Social Impact Of The Internet Presentation The approach of Internet correspondence innovation is all by itself, a positive push toward generally speaking worldwide progression, however the expensive social effect is the thing that worries Lebanese families and sociologists the same. This dread is additionally enhanced by the foreseen social breaking down that may result. The positive parts of the Internet: Because of the Internet there is basically nothing that can't be cultivated from the solace of one's own home; shopping for food, purchasing stock, taking care of tab, examining for research papers and in any event, hitting up associations with individuals most of the way over the world. Correspondence, which once comprised of putting pen to paper, has now been diminished to a couple of key strokes and a tick of a mouse; for sure, individuals can relate by means of E-mail quicker and simpler than conventional mail administrations would ever want to offer. The positive parts of the Internet are inconceivable and abandon saying; this current paper's attention is on the negative impacts of the Internet. The social effect: A. Distance: Estrangement from organizations, for example, the family, training and work environments may result from the accompanying components: Absence of eye to eye socialization is transforming into an impressive issue for the individuals who have bolted themselves inside the obscurity of their PCs. In fact examines have demonstrated the inclination for individuals to turn out to be altogether focused, discouraged and desolate with every hour spent in the dark universe of Internet talking. Since there is confirmation to prove the case that the more extended individuals spend visiting on the Internet the less friendly they become, a lot of further research must be done to decide the degree of harm this has on society. Obviously despite the fact that Internet visit rooms give a lot of the equivalent intelligent way to deal with socialization, the social ramifications is that it gravely comes up short on the in-person association required with the goal for individuals to create worthy social aptitudes. This will likewise influence adversely the manner in which youthful adolescents associate with relatives, companions and outs iders in the public arena. The explanation of this worry is the intently sew society that we live in; Arab society directs solid relational connections whether be it with relatives or companions. So as should be obvious, absence of eye to eye communication will bring about a considerable lot of weight on the delicate Lebanese society, which a huge piece of it depends on an enthusiastic relationship with one another, and as Patai composed the Arab country as an Arab family. B. Loss of own way of life: In a crucial time where social coordination is high on the plan in post war Lebanon, the Lebanese society is winding up contending with the current powers of breaking down, yet in addition with another unforeseen one. The Internet presents an intrusion of western societies into the homes of clueless guardians, which may prompt lost one's own way of life and embracing another remote one. The reception of another culture will make the overall population oppose this change, along these lines the results will lead the adolescent to feel dismissed and additionally enhance the previously existing social issue of estrangement from society in general. This distance from the Arab culture will lead the young to firmly get joined to the new culture that they have embraced, which will again convert into an unfortunate breaking down. C. Loss of character: Having referenced the elements that may prompt distance and loss of culture, it follows that these variables will likewise prompt lost character. In a period where national character assumes a significant job in the social incorporation of Lebanon, we can't stand to let such another power as the Internet to pulverize what we've been attempting to construct, and there are a few consequences of our endeavors, for instance, Qanna, Arnoun, and as of late Jezzine and the Asian container ball competition where Lebanon won. Viewing these episodes unfurl before me, gave me trust in an assembled Lebanon, since occurrences like these were so rare previously, presently we are seeing increasingly more social combination between all groups in Lebanon. Seeing this, and getting a feeling of patriotism I likewise get the stunning news about the Internet and its impacts on our general public, did you realize that 85%

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Dance Therapy for Down Syndrome Effects and Improvements - Free Essay Example

For most of their life, people with Down syndrome will go through years of physical therapy. Although this is an effective form of treatment, could there be a more effective form of Therapy? By looking at statistics as well as personal experiences, we can see that dance would be considered the better form of physical therapy for those with Down syndrome; This is important because we strive to better the lives of those with disabilities and encourage them to take part in every ones day to day activities. By allowing children as well as adults to take part in dance classes as a form of physical therapy not only will they better their hand-eye coordination and muscle memory, the will also gain confidence in themselves and their social abilities. Dance over yoga, martial arts, and team sports uses music to keep tempo and keeps a consistent movement pattern throughout a dance that could take months to perfect. Throughout research we have found that dance classes are a more effective form of therapy for those with down syndrome. During classes children or adults will learn a series of combinations that strengthen their hand-eye coordination as well as their muscle memory. What is Down syndrome? According to the Mayo Clinic, Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in an extra full or partial copy of chromosome 21. This extra genetic material causes the developmental changes and physical features of Down syndrome(mayo clinic, pg.1). People with Down syndrome experience difficulties with hand-eye coordination as well as muscle memory. Although physical therapy helps with hand-eye coordination as well as muscle memory, dance could be considered the better form of therapy over not only regular PT, but as well as yoga, sports, and other arts as well. Learning dance combinations and repeating certain techniques accompanied by music can increase muscle memory and hand-eye coordination while keeping life interesting and allowing them to work with peers. In the article Crossing the Midline, we learn about the Company Ds Dance Troupe. Christopher Blank gives us some insight into Company Ds Dance troupe created by Darlene Winters. This company is a mixed company that allows children with and without disabilities to dance and grow together. The company has grown greatly over the past 10 years that its been running. Winters states, From the beginning, I wanted to raise awareness of whats possible, Winters says. But I also wanted people to respond to our artistry. I never think Im setting a piece for someone with a disability, though the process is different.(winters, pg.17) She helps other studios properly train children with down syndrome and gives hope to not only the children, but also the parents of the children with disabilities. This company supports children with down syndrome using dance as physical therapy. The article Dancing with Down Syndrome: A Phenomenological Case Study, goes a little bit deeper into research about why dance is an effective form of Physical therapy. When children with Down syndrome learn a combination and practice it over and over their muscles begin to memorize the sequence. Dancing with down syndrome isnt a highly researched topic although it is a highly effective form of physical therapy for those with Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a common disability that limits the psychological, social, and physical components of the person with the disability. Due to the lack of research a study was done to test the effectiveness of dance on someone with Down syndrome. They studied the perspective of the 21 year-old doing the study and his parents. After analyzing the data from the study, it was found that dance indeed was an effective form of physical therapy for those with down syndrome. Lauren Clarks Movement Patterns and Quality of Life for individuals with down syndrome: An Overview of Dance as Physical Therapy, discusses how dance and music quality could be more entertaining for children with down syndrome. Children and adults with Down syndrome often are required to attend physical therapy which can be a struggle if they get bored or distracted while attempting to complete the physical tasks. Clark discusses how if we intertwine dance movements and physical therapy training it might be more exciting for people with down syndrome. This form of therapy would be more exciting because of the interaction with other peers and maybe using their favorite song and allowing them to create something of their own. As adults with Down syndrome start aging, their memory skills start to deteriorate along with other things. Keeping them engaged with dance skills and physical therapy could help preserve their muscle memory. Overall this article is stressing the importance of enh ancing the quality of life for those with Down syndrome. Adaptive dance is a program created by Boston Ballet where they collaborate with the Bostons Childrens Hospital to create movement to help the development in children with Down syndrome. Adaptive dance wanted to give children with Down syndrome confidence along with mobility and focus skills. This program taught children with this disability that they can overcome their challenges not only physically but also emotionally. These children were able to find their true selves through dancing. This gives us a little insight into how effective this is for not only the children and their families but also the founders and teachers that are involved. This collaboration gave children from the Bostons Childrens Hospital a different outlook towards life and taught them strategies that they could not learn through regular therapy such as, learning how to match their movements to music and remembering which movement was to happen during a certain part of the song. The article The Influence Of The Dance for People with Down Syndrome, discusses how dance is more effective for learning for those with down syndrome. Dance has never been seen as a form of physical therapy until we realized that it can help with motor skills, coordination, and balance. These three skills are difficult for children and adults with down syndrome, so why not use dance as a form of physical therapy for those with Down Syndrome? To prove this theory, 12 members of the ALDO-CET Bileti Association took part in a study that involved using dance as therapy. In this study, they would be examined biweekly and were tested before and after the therapy to determine if it was more effective. The results of this project proved that in fact dance is a better form of physical therapy for people of all ages with Down syndrome. We see an example of a study done in the article Effects of a Dance Program on Static Balance On a Platform in Young Adults with Down Syndrome. They face themselves with the question How will an 18-week study compare the static balance and posture control in people with and without Down syndrome with their eyes open and closed? This studied included 22 people all at the age of 20 there were 11 with Down syndrome and 11 without Down syndrome. After the study was completed, it was concluded that those with Down syndrome have worse closed and open eye center of pressure than those without Down syndrome. Their visual information is also affected differently that those without Down syndrome. In volume 33 Issue 3 Gutierrez-Vilah states It can be concluded that young people with DS differ from TD participants in terms of control of the center of gravity during static standing, speci cally in extent of displacement rather than the oscillation frequency of their center of gravity. The displac ement amplitude is higher in young people with DS. Furthermore, we have found that this center-of-gravity behavior does not change according to the visual condition, that is, whether they use visual cues. (Gutierrez-Vilah, pg.248). With the dance training, there was definitely an increase in center of pressure. Learning how to perform with their eyes closed increased their mobility skills along with their memorization skills. This concludes that dance is an effective form of physical therapy for people with Down syndrome. According to Assumption College, Down syndrome is the most commonly occurring chromosomal condition and it affects more than 400,000 people in the United States. The chances of having a child with Down syndrome increases as the mother ages (Clark, pg.1). Adults and children living with down syndrome grow up with Multiple health issues that affect their quality of life. Physical Therapy is the main healing factor to these health issues but after multiple studies, doctors have realized that there has been an increase in lack of motivation when it comes to people with Down syndrome and physical therapy. Through recent studies it has become aware to doctors that dance has sparked interest in those with Down syndrome and they find a sense of self confidence through the art of dance. It is encouraged for Therapist as well as instructors to incorporate the art of dance as well as repetitive movements to ensure a positive outcome for people with down syndrome and give them something to look forward to each day. Quality of life is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to disabilities like Down syndrome we must strive to ensure that they are in a positive environment and are enjoying the activities they are taking part in. Another study I reviewed was done by Diana Schulman and Blanche Dupont where 10 people with Down syndrome ranging from ages 3 to 13 took part in an experiment to test their toe standing balance as well as single-point standing balance with their eyes open and closed. For six months, a semiweekly program involving physical therapy and dance curriculum/ movements would be conducted. Every program involved dance and gymnastic movements accompanied by music and repetitive movements. Author Blanche Dupont wrote, It was hypothesized that a specially designed dance curriculum which integrated dance and traditional physical therapy facilitation techniques could benefit children with Down Syndrome because of the combined inherent cognitive and motor effects of the two modalities (Dupont, pg.19). After the six-month program the researchers came to the conclusion that dance was in fact a better form of therapy and taught these children certain skills that physical therapy struggles too such as balance, tempo, and muscle memory. There was an increase in not only their muscle memory but as well as their rhythmic understanding and hand eye coordination skills. In the spring of 2010, The Global Down Syndrome Foundation decided to create a program named the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Dance Program. Most dance instructors are not properly trained to teach a child with Down syndrome and as parents began to notice their child was being left out due to their disability, they decided to take action. Patricia C. Winders a well-known down syndrome specialist and physical therapist created this program. This program was designed to give the parents of the children with Down syndrome reassurance and confidence that their child would be taken care of when taking part in this art. Quality of life is the main concern of parents as well as the other people involved in this program such as instructors and physical therapist. The Global Down Syndrome Foundation states, The purpose of the program is to instill a lifelong love of dance and movement in each student. The students work on physical stamina, verbalization skills, following directions, and coordinat ed interaction. They learn ballet movement, music appreciation, rhythm and basic dance steps (The Global Down Syndrome Foundation, pg.1). This foundation is doing a beautiful thing not only for the families and children affected by Down Syndrome but as well as the community they are surrounded by. In the article Children with Down Syndrome: Discovering the Joy of Movement, we realize that movement is a very important aspect in childrens growth. For children with Down syndrome, therapist always recommend for these children to heavily involve themselves in some kind of movement whether it be running or physical therapy, but for some time we have ruled out dance due to the difficulty in skills and tricks. As more studies have been conducted, we have come to realize that dance could be the best candidate for people with Down syndrome when it comes to therapy. Ballet is said to strengthen the balance as well as the create a sense of awareness within their bodies. Laban movements are not only essential in the dance world but as well as in physical therapy for people with Down syndrome. Anne Jobling states, with a Laban approach, children with DS are taught awareness of their body in three ways as they move-body awareness, space awareness, and effort awareness. Body awareness is an i mportant prerequisite to knowing what the body does and how limbs function in movement. For example, what parts of my body are moving now? How does my body move? How can I use my body to perform that action? Where are my head, arms, legs, and trunk?(Jobling, pg.36) This article truly gives us a deeper insight into what movements do what, for people with Down syndrome. Jobling also includes, The children can be introduced to body parts during a circle time. A percussion instrument provides the rhythm as they sing or recite the following words: clap, clap, clap your hands; tap, tap, tap your head; beep, beep, beep your nose; wiggle, wiggle, wiggle your toes (Jobling, pg.36). The positive effect dance has on children with disabilities, both physical and emotional, is astounding. We can conclude that although physical therapy is in fact an effective form of treatment for the disabilities associated with Down syndrome, dance curriculum and movement is ultimately the better choice for people of all ages with Down syndrome, as noted in the Be Beautiful Be Yourself program. Many parents whose children have Down syndrome often see their child being left out due to the physical and mental limitations associated with Down syndrome. We should encourage those with Down syndrome, along with their families, to engage in this beautiful form of art to increase growth as well as social abilities. In contrast to traditional physical therapy, dance therapy incorporates music, movement, and the opportunity to interact with others with similar limitations which promotes the development of friendships, artistic expression, and a sense of belonging with others. We must focus on quality of life and what will make these extraordinary people happy along with treating their disabil ities and enhancing their strengths. Participation in dance over yoga, team sports, and physical therapy will create fulfilling, beneficial opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome and provides an atmosphere in which they can be themselves without judgment. After researching multiple studies regarding utilization of dance as physical therapy, it is evident that dance not only gives children confidence, but it also increases muscle memory, music appreciation, hand-eye coordination, and balance. I believe we should encourage people with Down syndrome, as well as their families, to step out of their comfort zones and allow their children to become a part of something that will assist them in developing social, emotional, and physical skills through the beautiful art of dance.

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The Sole Method You Should Be Using for Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics Exposed

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